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Cantors World

Visual Design, Interface Design, Animation

A speculative game for policy makers to chart the growth of a country.


Cantors world is an online data based learning tool, based on the IWI (inclusive wealth index). IWI was an index proposed by UNEP and other partner agencies in their report, presented at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012. 

The target audience of this tool are students of economics and policy as well as entry-level policy makers. The aim of the game is to help users speculate investment decisions and learn about the trade-offs between Human capital, Produced capital and Natural capital of a country.

The game serves as a testing ground for IWI as a metric for measuring a country’s wellbeing in terms of policy decisions. The IWI as a metric estimates cumulative wealth and growth of a country as opposed to GDP that only measures growth as a yearly component hence providing no insight into how much a country’s natural resources are depleting.

Design Process

Define users

Students of economics and public policy

Entry level policy makers





Paper prototypes

User flows

Digital prototypes


Digital interface through several iterations

My engagement with the project started with visual design. I accomplished this by using design thinking methods and established the colour palette, illustration and iconography for the project assets. I then proceeded to design the interface which entailed continuous revisions as the data sets evolved during the project. I simultaneously worked on the illustrations and animation video for the project.

Cantor_s_Set_Defining_visual_problem_Problemtree copy.jpg
Visual Design

Colour, typography,

icons, Illustrations


Cantor_s _Set_Concept_sketches.png

From the brainstorming and ideation session, the idea of a relationship between the sum of the parts and the whole emerged. This seemed fitting as the game brings together the trade-offs between Human capital, Produced capital and Natural capital. 








cantor_s set documentation-10.png
cantor_s set documentation-10.png
cantor_s set documentation-10.png


Interface design

User flows (collaborative process)



Mockup screens

The main aim of the interface was to help young policy makers to work on planning yearly investment budgets.  The game was data heavy and required several information design components to be included. 

Animated video




I worked on the explainer video of the project.The idea was to communicate in a brief manner about why the game is being designed, what is the game about, and whom is it meant for. The video has been designed keeping in mind the target audience for the game - masters’ level students of economics, sustainability studies and policymakers. I was involved in scripting the narrative, storyboarding, illustration of animation assets and animating the final video.

For more details on the project and game play contact Fields of View

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